the venues of the Salzkammergut Festwochen Gmunden

Gallery 422

Gallery for contemporary Austrian art in the center of Gmunden.

Gallery 422 
An der Traunbrücke 9-11
4810 Gmunden

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Toscana Congress

The Toscana Congress Gmunden offers the ideal facilities for challenging large-scale events. State-of-the-art technology and much room for professionalism enable concerts on the highest level.

Toscana Congress Gmunden
Toscanapark 6
4810 Gmunden

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Town Theatre

The most beautiful spots of the Traunsee region offer the unique setting for the festival events.

The main venue and vibrant centre during the festival summer is the town theatre Stadttheater Gmunden, which was built in the late 19th century by the theatre director Joseph M. Kotzky, from Salzburg, at his own expense.

The opening performance was the operetta Die schöne Galathée by Franz von Suppé and the farce Umsonst or Der Herr Vetter aus Regensburg by Johann Nestroy and took place on the 22nd of June 1872.

Town Theatre Gmunden
Theatergasse 7
4810 Gmunden

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Sawmill Rumplmayr

The times when timber was produced in the old sawmill Rumplmayr in Neukirchen have long since been left behind. However, instead of transferring the building into a new use after the decommissioning, it was decided to maintain the site in its original state.

Thus, today, it has been conserved as a magical place in the memory of the early industrial work: in the large sawmill with the solid wooden beams, the old machines stand as if they had just been stopped, the tools still sorted in the cellar.....

Sawmill Rumplmayr Neukirchen 
Aurachmühl 3
4814 Neukirchen


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Formerly an old worsted yarn spinning mill, directly by the Traun, the hall still radiates with the atmosphere of an old factory hall from the turn of the century. With its very own appeal, the neo-Gothic arch offers an atmospheric setting for readings and concerts. 

Theresienthalstraße 68
4810 Gmunden

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Regional music school

Regional music school  Gmunden
Linzer Straße 38
4810 Gmunden

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Parish church Altmünster

The present parish area of Altmünster was settled already at the time of the Romans. In the 8th century, a monastic monastery was built on the site where today the parish church Altmünster stands. The Romanesque church was renovated in 1473 in the Gothic style. In the years 1625-1627 Count Herberstorf renewed and enlarged the sanctuary of this Gothic church in the Renaissance style.
Pfarrkirche Altmünster
Münsterstraße 1
4813 Altmünster


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Event Center „ALFA“

The historic halls of the former paper mill Steyrermühl house the ALFA ("Old Factory") event center, where visitors can enjoy a colorful mix of cultural events throughout the year.

Event Center „ALFA“
Museumsplatz 1
4662 Laakirchen

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parish Church Traunkirchen


A Benedictine nunnery was founded at Traunkirchen in about 1020. In 1327 nunnery and church burned down. After the nunnery was shut in 1571 the Benedictines of Kremsmünster took command.

In 1622 Emperor Ferdinand 2nd, by papal consent, conveyed the monastery to the Jesuits of Passau. Thus the monastery of Traunkirchen became resident of the Jesuits.

In 1632 another Eire destroyed monastery and church. The Jesuits built it up again and the church got its still admired Baroque interior. Since then the famous Corpus Christi procession has been held on the lake.

The baptismal font, two holy-water fonts by the main entrance (dated 1518) and St. Michael's chapel with the pretty little tower on the churchyard side still remain tram the former nunnery.

After the suppression of the order of the Jesuits in 1773 the monastery, the church and the forest became government property. Since then secular priests have been caring for the parish of Traunkirchen.


parish Church Traunkirchen
Klosterplatz 1
4801 Traunkirchen

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