Jazz / Jazzconcert

Saturday, 14.04.2018 / 19:30

Karl Ratzer, Peter Herbert & eXtracello

"Ausse g´haut"


Karl Ratzer - guitar, voice
Peter Herbert – double bass

Melissa Coleman - violoncello
Margarethe Deppe - violoncello
Edda Breit - violoncello
Gudula Urban - violoncello


The charismatic guitarist and inspired singer Karl Ratzer wants to know it once again. After the fabulous work with his international septet (Underground System) and an excellent recording with his superb trio (My Time), he now enters the terrain of chamber music with top-class cord mates.

Karl Ratzer, Peter Herbert and eXtracello are a wonderful collective, far away from any cliché, who tend to stick to Jazz string artists and are not easy to get rid of. It is not about the modern classic here, but about the classical modernism of the jazz-related way of making music. Something that can rarely be heard in concert houses (but should be heard a lot more!). Detached from strict western academism, the six musicians wander on a trance-like path towards a musical meta level, which has nothing to do with intense or even forced formalism. It is rather about the expression of a fleet-footed and natural musical conversation with a dashing look across the genre-pond.


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