Jazz / Jazzconcert / CD presentation

Thursday, 05.04.2018 / 19:30

Martin Reiter



Martin Reiter - piano

“All along it has been of great appeal to me to fathom the barriers between improvisation and composition. I increasingly got into situations, where I could observe my colleagues or myself and noticed such a strong motif within an improvisation and such a successful musical treatment of a topic or a central idea, that the barriers seemed to blur. The idea was to confront myself intensively in order to create music that develops spontaneously and can then be transcribed and classified as composition – similar to the technique of “Instant Composing”.

But also, the design and implementation of compositions within a given framework allows a lot of freedom in Jazz. Lately I therefore experiment a lot during live concerts with the spontaneous interpretation of Jazz standards or my own work. Once the base material is internalised, the variety of creative options is unimaginably big. So, the barriers between composition and improvisation can become blurred, like the old masters in Bach’s time who were able to improvise or extemporise spontaneously about a given topic.”

 (Martin Reiter)


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